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Everywhere you look there’s conflicting information about what types of workouts you should be doing and for how long in order to become a stronger, faster runner. What magazines, books, and websites don’t take into account are our individual differences.

Working with me means you will receive workouts tailored specifically towards your individual goals, schedule and fitness level. You’ll never have to ask google another running related question. I’ll answer all of those questions for you and explain how things apply to you as an individual.

Run coaching services


*Coaching costs listed are for four consecutive weeks of coaching.

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If you’re tired of using Google as your run coach, and want real answers based off your unique situation, let’s set up a time to talk! This service can help you with any of the following:

  • Iron out how to get back on track if you miss a long run or any run on your training schedule

  • Nail down realistic race day goals based off your training and past run history

  • Help you establish pre-race routines including suggestions on fueling

  • Help you establish a race day strategy including tips for training your brain to get mentally strong for 26.2

Cost: $65 (for phone or face time sessions) $130 for in-person sessions (only available in Manhattan)

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How are these coaching plans different than one you can find in a number of places online?

I don’t use cookie cutter plans. Each plan is written to suit the needs of the individual runner. Plans are built off of each person’s own unique needs and take the following into consideration:

  • Individual run history

  • Specific goals

  • Amount of time available to dedicate to training

  • Injury history

  • What the runner has been doing in the weeks leading up to starting their training plan

  • Personal Preferences

  • And more!

 A plan for one person would look very different from a plan for another person.

The strength training workouts are often similar, but are tweaked based off a number of things specific to each individual. For the most part they don’t take a lot of equipment and can be done at home with dumbbells and bands.

Training plans can include any of theses workouts:

  • tempo runs

  • race pace runs

  • traditional speed work

  • hill repeats

  • long runs

  • easy runs

  • recovery runs

  • shake-out runs

  • strides

Plans also include rest days, cross-training days and strength work. When you sign-up, you will receive a comprehensive plan based off your needs and goals.

I will tell you exactly what you need to do every day of the week for the duration of your training program!